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2009-04-08 12:14 pm

icons; the lost world

13 - icons/variations
the lost world ♥ seasons one and two
{note: mostly a test batch, I was trying a few new things}
{also: five, ten, and eleven are an inside joke. [ profile] borg_princess made me do it)


I mean, what is today, tuesday? I never kill anyone on Tuesdays )
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2009-03-08 02:09 pm

icons; the lost world

29 - icons/variations
the lost world ♥ various season 1 episodes.


don't let the title fool you )
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2009-02-04 12:48 am

[drabble] somewhere only we know

somewhere only we know
fringe ♥ olivia/john
spoilers for "airs"
she's not letting go- not just yet- but she's learning to breathe again.
cut )
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2009-01-13 12:57 am

drabble: team!sg-1, patience is a virtue (right?)

patience is a virtue (right?)
sg-1 - team!fic.
prompt: #2 - "stranger" [table]
"yeah, I guess it is pretty boring, as far as dungeons go."
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2009-01-13 12:35 am
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writing: prompt table

Prompts picked using a random word generator.

Set #1 trial stranger institution revise leader
Set #2 baffle ego connection litter batch
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2009-01-13 12:19 am

drabble: sam/jack, another big bang!

another big bang!
sg-1 ♥ sam/jack, fluff.
prompt: #1 - "trial" [table]
predictably, her face colors and she faces him sheepishly. "yes, sir?"
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2009-01-10 07:17 pm
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original drabble: break it down again

break it down again.
whoever, whatever. angst.
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2009-01-08 11:43 pm

fic: perception is a myth

perception is a myth
firefly, river tam. stream of consciousness
she sees [a/n: I don't really like this one]
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2009-01-08 12:50 am

fic: put your hands up, until you feel that feeling

put your hands up, until you feel that feeling
svu, elliot/olivia. angst.
time passes and they grow.
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2009-01-06 09:56 pm

fic: find me here and speak to me

find me here and speak to me
sga ♥ john & elizabeth
"dwell in possibility." - Emily Dickinson
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2009-01-05 02:13 am

original fic: prince charming's a myth (real life's annoying and far more amazing)

prince charming's a myth (real life's annoying and far more amazing)
original fiction, ♥ jeremy/lydia, fluff.
reading in bed is a danger to all involved.
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2008-12-16 06:33 pm

nanowrimo 2008: "stars are watching"

Master list of character drabbles:

[unless otherwise noted, drabbles pick up midway through the story or later]
oo1. | oo2. | oo3.
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2008-11-10 10:51 pm

fic: ten/rose, Adventures in Writing (or, Why One Shouldn't Interrupt Novelists, Ever)

title: Adventures In Writing (or, Why One Shouldn't Interrupt Novelists, Ever.)
author: [ profile] odakota_rose (who else? it's just me on this journal)
fandom: Doctor Who
pairing: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
rating: g
genre: crackish!fluff
a/n: I'm in NaNoWriMo this year, and a plot bunny bit me with this when I should've been working on my novel. :D

Adventures In Writing )
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2008-05-12 01:12 am

drabble: watching it burn

some say the world will end in fire
some say in ice.
- robert frost

watching it burn.
drabble-ish. bella, angsty e/b.
somewhere, there is a line between love and obsession that was maybe never meant to be crossed.
all in flames )

* references:
"fire and ice", by robert frost
"watching it burn" -> 'sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn', the wallflowers, "one headlight"
"down, down, down, and the flames went higher" - > johnny cash, "ring of fire"
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2008-05-11 11:49 pm
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slight rant.

- twilight trailer is made of lame. flying vampires, freaky forest scenes, and what the heck is living in Robert Pattinson's hair?

- dude, can Edward please go without the flowery language? just for a few minutes please, so I can regain my hold on the twenty-first century? also- it makes me head hurt.

posted here, rather than on [ profile] odakota_rose because some (I emphasize this because most of them are made of awesome and quite accepting of my Jacob/Bella love) of my friends, they be rabid twilight peoples. and flaming is so not cool.
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2008-05-10 04:01 am

fic: jacob/bella - the wolf that follows the ousted [wo]man.

right then, fic.
written in the span of about two hours of free-writing, so don't expect anything special.
unbeta-read. *hides*

the wolf that follows the ousted [wo]man
jacob/bella. au new moon-ish. rated 'teen'. 1208 words.
title taken from the song, 'fallen from the sky' by glen hansard.

there comes a point in every fight/when giving up seems the only way/when everyone has said goodbye/and now you're on your own. )

the song that prompted this:
fallen from the sky - glen hansard )
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2008-04-03 12:21 am
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(no subject)

It's okay to be mildly overwhelmed, right?