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perception is a myth
firefly, river tam. stream of consciousness
she sees [a/n: I don't really like this one]
she sees: waves and motion. particles, dark matter, black holes and brilliancy. down to the foundations and back again, as old as time but still bright and shiny like good, new things.
[there is only a planet getting smaller below them, and ahead, the stars.]

simplicity of motion and everything that might be combine with everything that was in multicolor puzzle pieces. individually they are not such a huge lot but the whole is bigger than her and inside her and around everything.
thoughts, words and actions, external stimuli both muted and amplified by internal commotion, and. [it's a wonder she's as coherent as she usually manages.]

all of this dispenses to a few words of advice, said by the pale moon child to the stars outside and anyone who dares to listen to the whisper.
"keep flying."

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