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some say the world will end in fire
some say in ice.
- robert frost

watching it burn.
drabble-ish. bella, angsty e/b.
somewhere, there is a line between love and obsession that was maybe never meant to be crossed.

[she dreams of burning bridges, falling stars, and the ocean] and wakes up with an epiphany on her lips. she tastes it but gulps the thought down whole and tries to ignore the initial burn. it's just like the high-school parties she never went to with the vodka martinis she never drank.

somewhere, there is a line between love and obsession that was maybe never meant to be crossed. that's the problem then, because it was blurred, crossed, burned, and further rendered incomprehensible a long time ago. it's not that he's her first and last thought of the day- that wouldn't be quite as much of a problem, it would be kind of sweet; it's just that sometimes he's her only thought period and in the moments when she surfaces, she finds herself gasping for air.

she knows all about intoxication then, and also about addiction and possession and spiraling.
her father loves johnny cash songs, and she remembers only the one verse from this one: down, down, down. and the flames went higher.

she dreams her memories and tries to believe, through promises and italian towns and standing alone in the forest.

here he's been worrying about her soul when she thinks she might've drowned a long time ago.
there's love there, sure; this is still nothing but a modern-day greek tragedy.

* references:
"fire and ice", by robert frost
"watching it burn" -> 'sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn', the wallflowers, "one headlight"
"down, down, down, and the flames went higher" - > johnny cash, "ring of fire"
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