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the lost world ♥ marguerite/roxton + ned.
"salvation" (1x06)

Malone: What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Marguerite: Calm down, I didn’t edit much. I just wanted to see how wrong you were getting it.
Roxton: And the verdict?
Marguerite: A little sensational.
Malone: You went through my things. Put it down Marguerite.
Marguerite: Just a second.
Roxton: Do as he says.
Marguerite: Ah at last... me. "The mysterious Miss Krux, dangerous - possibly deadly." You have no idea Malone, just how dangerous I can be. You are never to use my name in any of this. Understood?
Malone: Put it down.
Marguerite: Well perhaps I haven’t made myself clear.
Malone: You had no right. Don’t you ever touch my things again or I’ll-!
Roxton: No you won’t.
Marguerite: Well my my my. Who would have thought the angelic Mr. Malone had demons to hide?

Roxton: What would have happened if I hadn’t been there? What would you have done?
Malone: Nothing
Roxton: Like hell!
Malone: I wasn’t gonna hurt her.
Roxton: You weren’t exactly teaching her to tango.
Malone: I lost it, okay? Just let it go.
Roxton: Once - it can never happen again. Understand, Malone?
Malone: She pushed me.
Roxton: She pushes everybody.

Malone: Don’t tell me you trust her.
Roxton: I certainly trust her to act in her own interest. If she doesn’t watch our backs we can’t watch hers.
Malone: How long do you think that will last? What happens when it’s in her best interest to sell us down the river?
Roxton: She won’t.

Malone: How the hell do you know that?
Roxton: Sometimes you roll the dice on people. That’s what we did, all of us, when we signed on this journey. You take what you get; there are too many ways to die out here. And the one thing we can’t do is kill each other; we’re all we have.

Roxton: Ease up on Malone.
Marguerite: I’m not in the mood.
Roxton: I mean it Marguerite.
Marguerite: Don’t make me your personal crusade. I’m not sure you’re up to the challenge.

Roxton: What is wrong with you?
Marguerite: Oh- apart from being stranded a thousand miles from a decent maid?
Roxton: We’re all stranded.
Marguerite: That’s us- one big happy family.
Roxton: You know ever since we left the tomb...
Marguerite: Let’s see... Summerlee can be the doting grandfather, Challenger’s.. no – I think you’re the daddy, then there’s little baby Veronica and me? I’m the wicked stepsister.

Roxton: I don’t really give a damn why you are who you are, but here- now- you’re going to behave.
Marguerite: Or what - you’re going to shoot me? That’s what the great white hunter does isn’t it? You’re going to kill me like you did your brother?
Marguerite: ... Roxton, I’m sorry.
Marguerite: Damn!

Malone: You have no idea how you were able to read a language thousands of years old. That’s what terrifies you.
Marguerite: I guess we all have our demons. Consider yourself repaid.

Malone: Fair enough for now.
Roxton: What the hell are you doing back there, stopping for tea?
Marguerite: Roxton, that stuff about your brother... that was out of line, even for me.
Roxton: Forget it - there’s other things to worry about.

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