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another big bang!
sg-1 ♥ sam/jack, fluff.
prompt: #1 - "trial" [table]
predictably, her face colors and she faces him sheepishly. "yes, sir?"

What catches his attention, before he can even reach her lab, is the series of heavy sounding noises as something -presumably large and important- crashes to the floor, followed by a string of curse words he wasn't even aware she knew.

Half a second later, he cautiously peeks inside the door.

"Uhh, Carter?"

Predictably, her face colors and she faces him sheepishly. "Yes, sir?"

At her feet, various pieces of whatever she's been working on lie scattered about and forgotten.

"That wasn't-"

"No sir. Just a side project."

"Ah." He shrugs, stepping inside and rocking on his heels nonchalantly. "So nothing's gonna-"

"No sir. No explosions. It was just a trial version anyway."

"That's... that's good." He takes a moment, processes this, and then returns to the original reason for coming down here. "So, jello?"

"Thought you'd never ask."

The pieces of whatever doohockey she'd been working on are left scattered on the floor as they exit.
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